Regensburg, Germany

Instead of the Danube River Cruise, I am now calling this tour Die Wanderung von der Holle (The Walking Tour from Hell.) Today we saw Regensburg with yet another walking tour. Regensburg is another of Germany’s oldest towns founded by the Romans in 179 AD. Its Medieval Old Town is a world heritage site and tourist mecca. Many of the landmarks were from the Middle Ages.


Arch and tower are from Roman times.


Planners decided to divide people into groups according to ability, so I was in the “Turtle Group.” It was a slower pace and 100% better than before. We probably did not see as much as the Road Runners, but we saw enough. We also were issued radio receptors and head phones that made it possible to actually hear what the local guide was saying. There were a lot of interesting buildings, but the beautiful gothic church was the main thing to see there.


Germany has a lot of small villages with narrow streets. The houses are similar, made of stucco-looking concrete painted white or pastel colors with steep roofs, mostly red. These are clustered around a large church with a tall steeple. Germany is mostly Catholic.


We skipped the optional tour to a monastery where monks made beer as it would be more money and more walking. Apparently beer-making was an acceptable activity and does not have the stigma that it does in the States. Those who went on the tour said the stained-glass windows were exceptionally beautiful.

It took us two hours on a bus to get to Regensburg and two to get back to the boat. The riverboat could not dock nearby as the water in the river was too low, a condition that would continue to plague us for the rest of the trip.

On the way back to the boat, we stopped at a large restaurant for a local meal. It was a bit strange — baked chicken pieces, noodle stuff sort of like mac and cheese, and purple cabbage sauerkraut (?) that was sweet and had cinnamon in it. The dessert was a plum pudding moose thing. Fortunately, I like plums.

That night we had an “Oktoberfest” dinner on the ship with polka music on the PA and waiters wearing funny hats. After the real Oktoberfest in Munich, several ladies had come back to the bus wearing similar silly hats purchased after drinking a bit too much beer, no doubt.



A preserved tower from the Middle Ages can be send extending from the newer structure.



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