About Me


That’s me in black at the New Town Hall in Munich.

This blog is about a recent trip on the Danbue River from Munich to Budapest. People take fabulous vacations, see amazing sites, then come home and forget most of it. You must journal; you must write it down no matter how tired you are from sightseeing all day.

Following my own advice, I wrote things down and took pictures. My writing skills, for the most part, are better than my photography skills. I wrote the old-fashioned way, in script, in a notebook. Now I am now putting it into a printed form. I tried blogging on the go in Blogging Across America. It was incredibly difficult with only an iPad and spotty WiFi connections. I could not deal with that again.

I hope my blog will let people who don’t ever go where I’ve been enjoy the trip vicariously. Otherwise, it will only be in my head and my scribbled notebook will never be read. When I am gone, my memories will be gone too. It is my belief that experiences are meant to be shared. Comment on any of my tales or share on your blog and you will be my BFF.

Most travel blogs tell you only about the good parts of the trip and the wonderful sights seen. I am including the bad parts as well, the physical difficulty, some grumbles and complaints, as well as the thrill and adventure of seeing new things for the very first time.

As we say here in the South, bless your heart for reading my ramblings. I have retired and given up writing my weekly humor column. (Revisited @ Humorcolumnistblog.com). But a writer never really stops writing.