Getting There

The plane arrived in Atlanta on time. The airport is HUGH! We had to ride an “air train” to get from one concourse to another. I have found a new way to travel — wheelchairs. Mobility staff takes you through the airport at breakneck speed. It’s the only way to fly. If I had to walk, I would never make it, and that’s not to even mention the trouble I might have finding my way. I did not go through customs and decided you must do it at the arrival port. It had been so long since I had traveled that I couldn’t remember.

I was traveling alone from Nashville to Munich. I had flown solo before, but not internationally, so I was a bit apprehensive about it. I did a curbside luggage check-in at Nashville and they got me a wheelchair so that worked out well. I had a long wait as the ride got me there early.

After boarding, I sat in the wrong seat as I didn’t know which one was “C”. The guy it belonged to insisted that I move because he was a pilot and needed a window seat. I wondered if he was a backseat driver. Anyhow, moving was fine with me as I like the aisle seat better anyhow. There is more leg room. His wife sat next to me and coughed the entire trip. I hope she did not give me anything contagious.

After taking off for the long flight to Munich, the plane ride became a roller coaster. The pilot said, “We have to fly around a storm.” I hoped it was not that hurricane developing in the Atlantic. Writing became a little rough due to the bouncy ride. We received a bottle of water to “keep us from getting dehydrated.” The flight is 8 ½ hours. We are 33,000 feet per the pilot. Just as long as we are higher than the ocean, it’s okay with me. The flight attendants had to stop food service until we got around the weather and I had to stop writing as it was too bumpy.

I got some salt down my throat from the snacks they gave out earlier and it made me cough. Geez, I hoped I would not become as annoying as the lady on the way to Atlanta. It was dark outside now and the map showed we were over New York State. They turned off the lights in the cabin and made it warm while the passengers pretended to sleep.

The plane ride is definitely the worst part of trying to travel.